Why did you rebrand from Morris Integration to InteRise?

We rebranded because we wanted a visual identity that spoke more specifically to the work we do and the clients we partner with. This ultimately led us to a refreshed brand that stood apart from Morris.

How is InteRise different from Morris Integration?

The services you have come to expect from Morris Integration, have not changed with InteRise. We have simply elevated the brand to walk on its own.

What is the connection with Morris Light & Sound?

InteRise is formerly known as Morris Integration, the installation division of Morris Light & Sound. We are still associated with Morris Light & Sound and work alongside them as the installation wing of the company.

What does the name “InteRise” mean?

Our name is pronounced “In·te·Rise” and is a combination of the words “Integration” and “Rise”. Integration refers to the services we provide, and rise describes the elevated experience we offer. “InteRise” is also just a name – what speaks to our brand isn’t so much the name as it is the people behind it.


What types of venues do you provide service for?

The majority of our clients are churches and medium to large performance venues. This includes distributed audio and video throughout the lobbies and perimeter areas within the venue. We also serve schools and performing arts centers.

Since you are in Nashville and I’m “x” hours away, how can you support me if we have an issue?

We typically design our systems to be able to remote in and make changes and help troubleshoot over the phone and internet. We also have a great resource of people in our network to be able to get a qualified technician to you in a reasonable time. If needed, we can leverage our Rental department for temporary solutions.

Can you integrate equipment we already own into our new system?

Yes! If you have recently purchased gear or have gear you would like to continue using, we can work with you to make those items part of our design. There is no need to replace gear that is working and will continue working with your new systems.

What is our process for after installation support?

All of our projects have a one-year warranty on install as well as the manufacturer’s warranty. We design systems that are robust and easy to use, though we do know sometimes things break. We are a simple text or phone call away to try and get things figured out. If we need to get in a car or hop on a plane to be there we will. Also, with our large rental division it is easy to acquire spare units while malfunctioning units are repaired at the manufacturer.

What services does InteRise offer outside of design/build installations?

We also sell equipment and services outside of a standard installation.