NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 8, 2020)– InteRise, an integration company powered by Morris, launched a new video that walks clients through what a typical design process looks like with their team.

Highly effective, world-class audio, video and lighting designs are only created through proper design. Their sales, engineering and installation teams work in tandem to help bring their partners vision to life.

“It’s really important that we aren’t trying to sell our systems – We’re trying to create systems that meet the needs of our partners” says Dustin Burggraaf, Lead Project Manager at InteRise.

InteRise designs and builds world-class audio, video, lighting and acoustic systems in churches and corporate spaces using cohesive designs, industry-leading technologies and solid engineering. Their goal is to achieve customized solutions to fit the needs of each of their client’s visions and provide creative results that can be flexible to fit large and small budgets.